Unique Home Decor Products Can Help Create an Old West Room

The HBO television series Westworld updates the classic sci-fi movie into television serial format. The theme is the same: people are able to live out adventures through transporting themselves to the past. The exist in a perfect replica filled with realistic androids. Remove the fantastic elements of the androids, and what is left is decor items designed to replicate the look of the Old West. Scores of home decor products are available to create the look of the Old West. Anyone hoping to turn, say, the basement of a home into a special Wild West-themed hideaway could do so with the right selection of a few products.

Wood Color Schemes of the Old West

Furniture, rugs, and decorations on the wall do not necessarily have to be old or even fully Western style in design to yield the desired visual result. Anyone who has seen a Western film should quickly notice natural wood colors are common. Leave silver-colored items for the pure science-fiction lovers. Teak and oak furniture would be much more appropriate. The added decor products should follow this same approach to style.

Decor Products Accentuate the Style

Certain items just have a natural Old West feel to them. Hanging deer antlers on the wall would be an obvious way to capture that 19th century saloon or hunting cabin look. Perhaps even placing a wagon wheel on the wall would be a nice touch. Purchasing a nice rug with a mix of shades of tan and brown totally add to a Western feel. There is something authentic about such a seemingly small bit of merchandise. Small things do help accentuate a room and do so perfectly.

Mixing Modern with Old West

The Old West comes with much to be romanticized over, but the lack of electricity and running water could be — to put it mildly — called drawbacks. An Old West room in a home still needs modern electronics devices such as lamps, television sets, and even gaming platforms. Lamps are designed with a Western style and made to look like 1880’s pottery. A television might seem out of place, but a stylized, Western table acting as a TV stand fits right in.

Authenticity Adds to a Room

Creating a great Western look is reliant on authenticity. This means all the “little things” that craft the perfect visual style need to be present in an Old West room. With all the appealing western home decor products available, creating an authentic replica of the Old West won’t be so difficult.

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Upgrading Your Home on a Budget: Where to Find Discount Furniture

Upgrading your home is an excellent way to modernize your living space and make your house more enjoyable to be in. If you aren’t in for a huge remodel, simply buying new furniture that is comfortable and modern may be all you need to do. To get the most out of your budget, you should know the best places to get unique yet affordable furnishings, such as tables, chairs, couches, and entertainment centers. Here are places you can seek discount furniture that can give your home the pizzazz it needs.

Furniture-store outlets

Outlet stores are places where you can buy home goods and furniture at a great price. Outlet stores often feature furnishings that have slight flaws, such as a missing seam, mismatching pieces, or even a missing chair or two, and these stores may have overstocked or excess inventory that a retail store cannot sell on their own and wish to clear out. You can find quality pieces at an attractive price, including name brands of furniture you may not be able to otherwise afford, at these kinds of stores. Use outlet stores to stock your home with bedding, decorative pillows, wall art, mirrors, and more.

Local furniture stores

Your local furniture store may have couches, chairs, rugs, and more that you can easily afford as well. Display pieces can be purchased at a discount, as can last season’s models that stores want to move so they can display their current supply of home furniture. You can get leather chairs, ottomans, oak tables, and more at a vast discount if you ask to see excess inventory or slightly dated models of furniture. You can haggle prices with a manager, especially if you are going to be buying many pieces at one time.

Another perk to buying at your local furniture store is that you may be able to work out a payment plan for larger purchases, such as a matching chair and couch set or a wooden entertainment center. You can work out a furniture payment plan with store managers.

Just because you don’t have a large budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the quality, name-brand furniture you desire for your living or dining room. From d├ęcor to couches and tables, you can get beautiful pieces for your home without going over your budget. Shop smart and keep an open mind, and you can upgrade your home with any budget with ease.

Visit stores such as Think Outside… The Outdoor Great Room Store to get started.

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Want to Dress Up Your Front Door When Spring Moves Back In? Tips to Give It a Beautiful Makeover

Once spring begins, everything will start looking beautiful again with green grass and spring flowers growing. You can also give your home a makeover to make it look more beautiful. One way you can get started with this is to dress up your front door. Below are some tips on things you can do to get your front door ready for spring.

Paint the Door

If you have had your door for some time, and the paint has become dull, you can repaint it. You may be surprised at the difference a fresh coat of paint will make.

Try painting the door a bold color like red or Kelly green. You could also paint it a more subdued color like tan or brown. Go to a paint store and bring home some swatches to see what you like best.

You may want to consider repainting the trim on your home also. You could choose a door to match the trim or choose a contrasting color to make the door really stand out.

Change the Doorknob

Along with a fresh coat of paint, you can change the doorknob. You can choose a gold or brass doorknob in a variety of designs. Remember the type of lock you want on the door. One type is key entry with a dead bolt. The deadbolt should require a key to open instead of a latch. This way even if a burglar breaks through glass they will not be able to open the deadbolt without a key.

Visit a home improvement store to see the different types doorknobs they can offer to help you choose.

Add Clavos

Clavos, which is a word for decorative nails, can be used. Clavos are much sturdier than standard nails. You will find these nails made of solid copper, cast iron, zinc alloy, or iron. They are much larger than a standard nail so they are noticeable by anyone passing by. You can find clavos in a variety of colors, with three common colors being pewter, black, and bronze.

Clavos come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well. For example, a large circular clavos is an option or you can choose a small square shaped clavos. These nails are only used for decoration and serve no purpose.

Contact a company that sells clavos to look at the different types and styles they offer.

Once you finish with your front door, consider other things you can do to your home to give it a makeover, such as painting it a different color.

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Troubleshooting Slow Bathroom Drains

A slow bathroom sink drain can be a major inconvenience, but it is often overlooked. This is especially true if the drain has been slow for months or even years. Often, the fix is relatively easy once you determine the cause. The following can help you understand some common causes, as well as how to reverse them.

Product buildup in the drain

Products, such as hair care items, toothpaste, or facial treatments, can coat the walls of the drainpipe. This in turn narrows the drain so that it doesn’t empty quite as quickly. The result is a slow drain. Sometimes you aren’t even aware there is a problem, since just enough of the product dissolves and washes away so that the drain never fully clogs.

The fix is fairly simple. First, run hot tap water down the drain at least once a day. Often, these products congeal in cold water. A deep cleaning once a week also helps. For most products this is as simple as boiling a kettle of water and then flushing the drain with it.

Hair clogs

A drain that slows gradually and then comes nearly to a standstill is likely clogged with hair. At first, water can still make its way past the clog, so the slowing is barely perceptible. Then, a chunk of toothpaste or something else becomes trapped in the hair and the water backs up.

For the immediate fix, you need to place a bucket underneath the sink to catch any water. Then, use a pipe wrench to take off the “J” shaped pipe beneath the sink. Remove the clog and replace the pipe. Prevent the problem in the future by installing a hair catcher screen in the drain of the sink.

Pipe problems

Slow drains are sometimes indicative of an issue with the actual drain pipe. If you have an older home, for example, you may have old drain pipes that are smaller in diameter than modern piping. With the increased water pressure and amounts provided by modern plumbing, these older pipes may not be able to keep up with the drainage speed needs.

Another issue is is you have old metal pipes. These can develop corrosion inside, which will build up and narrow the pipes so that water doesn’t have room to drain quickly. Replacing with modern PEX piping solves the issue.

For more help with your slow bathroom sink drain, contact a plumbing repair contractor in your area.

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Show Your Children How To Make Decorative Chimes

If heavy rain is preventing your children from spending time outdoors and they are bored, show them how to make decorative chimes with colorful beads by completing the steps below. This rainy day craft will allow your children to express their creativity, and the finished chimes can be enjoyed daily once they are hung up on your home’s front porch.


  • newspaper sheets
  • wooden beads (You can buy these from a company like Mayer Import Co Inc Imitation Stones.)
  • craft paint
  • small, shallow trays
  • cups of water
  • thin paintbrushes
  • acrylic craft spray
  • colorful twine
  • scissors
  • wooden dowels
  • power drill
  • thin rope
  • hooks

Painting Beads And Applying Craft Spray

Lay out sheets of newspaper across a table. Place small, shallow trays that are filled with different colors of craft paint and a tray filled with beads on the table. Set a couple cups of water and thin paintbrushes next to the other materials. Allow your children to take their time painting the beads however they would like. Once the beads are covered with paint, wait for the paint to dry. Afterward, apply a thin layer of acrylic craft spray to each bead’s exterior. The craft spray will prevent the colors of the paint from fading.

Stringing Beads And Securing The Twine To Dowels

Cut several pieces of twine that are varying lengths. Tie a knot in one end of each piece of twine. Show your children how to add beads to one of the pieces of twine. Encourage them to mix and match colors to create strings of beads that are unique or that display a pattern. Use a power drill to create holes that are evenly spaced apart through each wooden dowel. Insert the unknotted end of each piece of twine through one of the holes. Secure the twine pieces by tying knots in each one’s end.

Leave one hole on each end of each dowel empty. Use these holes to create a handle to hang the chimes up with. Cut thin pieces of rope. Insert each end of one of the pieces of rope through the holes that are on either end of one of the dowels. Tie knots in the ends of the rope. Create a handle with the other piece of rope in the same manner.

Hang up the finished creations from hooks that are secured to your front porch’s ceiling. You and your children can enjoy looking at the colorful chimes and listening to the clanging of the beads when the twine pieces move around in the wind.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Having Metal Roofing Installed On Your Home

When it comes time to have the roof replaced on your home, you will be glad you choose metal roofing. It is a material that will last for many years, and it actually will not cost that much more than conventional asphalt shingles. It is also resistant to storm damage and energy efficient. You probably want to know more about the choices available, costs, and durability of metal roofing. Here is everything you will need to know about having a new metal roof installed on your home:

1. The Different Types of Metal Roofing Materials That Are Available

Metal roofing is made from many different metals and styles. If you want to have the look of shingles, stamped roofing shingles can be a good choice. The most conventional type of materials is panels that can be unfinished or treated with a special treated finish. Standing seam roofs are more durable and are less likely to leak with age. For a more traditional look, you can also have custom copper roofing installed for details of your roof.

2. The Durability of Different Types of Metal Roofing Materials and Products

Metal shingles are very durable and will last for years, but because there are more joints, they will also be more likely to leak and need repairs. Panels are a good choice of roofing material too, but the exposed seams can sometimes cause leaks. Standing seam metal roofing is probably the most durable type of roofing and will be less likely to leak. Standing seam materials are also available in special finishes and even metals like copper.

3. The Price Difference That You Can Expect to Pay for A New Metal Roof

Metal roofing material costs will depend on the type of metal, style and labor involved in the installation. The costliest metal roofing is copper roofing, which is usually a type of standing seam roofing but it is also available in other styles. Standing seam materials are less costly than copper, and are usually made of a finished steel or tin material. Panels will be the most affordable type of metal roofing materials. Stamped shingle costs will depend on the type of metal and style of shingle, but are generally affordable. If you choose stamped shingles, remember the installation costs may be a little more.

If you asphalt shingles have reached the end of their life, metal roofing is going to be a great choice for your home. Now that you know a little more, contact a metal roofing service such as Premium Panels Inc and talk with them about the best choices for your home. 

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Choosing Decor Items For A Tropical Beach-Themed Bedroom

If you live in a beach town, you can bring the look and feel of your surroundings indoors with a themed bedroom. If you don’t live near a beach and wish you did, a theme inspired by your favorite ocean retreat will give your bedroom a relaxed vibe. 

Not only will decorating your personal space with the elements of nature and a soothing beach theme help you relax at the end of the day, but also it will give the room a customized look. So, the next time you want to book a beach vacation but it isn’t in your budget, start redecorating your bedroom instead. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to transport your bedroom to a tropical island. 

Here are some ideas for creating a tropical beach-inspired bedroom:

1. Paint 

There are a few ways you can go with paint when creating a beach-themed space. If you want a more tranquil appearance, stick with watery hues of turquoise, light blue, and sea-foam green. You can either paint all of the room’s walls with the chosen color or just one or two accent walls.

For instance, if the room’s walls are already white or cream-colored, highlight just the wall behind your bed or around a window with the ocean color. Not only will this save you time and money, it will also be easier to repaint at the end of a lease if you rent your home. 

If a lively, tropical beach look is more your style, pick a vibrant hue of banana yellow, lime green or coral orange instead. Another way to add color to a neutral-hued wall is with removable decals. You can create a beach scene using palm tree and tropical flower decals in a matter of minutes. 

2. Textiles 

Another fast and easy way to redecorate your bedroom is with textiles such as bedding, rugs, and window coverings. For windows, consider rustic bamboo blinds for an authentic beach house look. If you prefer a more airy feel, go with sheer white curtains that will catch the breezes.

When it comes to your bed, choose a plush white comforter for a deluxe beach resort look, and accent it with blue and white seashell-patterned throw pillows and a matching blanket. 

If you have wood floors, add comfort and warmth with a jute rug in a natural sand or ivory color. 

3. Decor Pieces 

One of the best ways to give your beach-themed room a personal stamp is with decor pieces such as artwork and small collections. As one idea, fill a hollow, clear glass lamp base with the seashells you collected on your last beach trip and place it on your night stand.

You can also hang your vacation photos or favorite tropical paintings in whitewash or driftwood frames. If you want to personalize a boring wood frame, glue seashells or sea glass around it. 

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