Keeping Your Pipes Intact This Coming Winter Season

If you just purchased a home of your own, you are probably finding out there is a great deal of maintenance to be done to different systems and structures throughout your property. The piping system is one part of a household that needs a bit of extra care during cooler temperatures. If you fail to protect your pipes when temperatures go below freezing level, they are at risk of bursting due to the expansion of moisture inside of them as water turns into ice. Here are some steps you can take in keeping your pipes intact when temperatures are expected to plummet.

Take Care Of Lines Leading To The Exterior Of Your Home

Pipes that lead directly to the outside of your home are likely to freeze first when temperatures drop. Because of this, it is a good idea to turn off the water to any pipe that has a faucet outdoors for the winter. Turn the spigot of each these pipelines to the off position and turn the faucets outdoors to an on position so any water trapped inside the pipes will drain out in its entirety. Each pipe will remain empty throughout the wintertime, eliminating the risk of any type of bursting situation as a result. In the springtime, turn the spigots back on so your water can be used once again.

Wrap Pipes When Temperatures Are Expected To Drop

Exposed pipes are at risk of having the contained water turn to ice very rapidly if temperatures around them hover around the freezing mark or below. Wrapping your pipes with insulating tape or foam sleeves will assist in keeping the contents warm. If you have exposed pipes in your garage, basement, or a crawl space, they are in conditions where the temperature is usually lower than the rest of the home. Consider adding a heater to these areas to aid in keeping pipes from bursting. Pipes underneath kitchen or bathroom cabinets are also at risk as they are contained in a spot where heat is not abundant. Open these doors during cold weather to help keep pipes from bursting.

Keep Water Trickling To Keep It Moving

Turn on the cold water faucets in sinks or tubs in your home so water drips or trickles out of the faucets during colder weather. Since water will keep moving inside of the piping system, it is less likely to have a chance to freeze up when temperatures are exceptionally cold. There is no need to use the hot water for this pipe protection method, as this would just drain your water heater. 

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Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Tips

Even if you think you don’t have enough cabinet space in your home, you may be surprised to discover how big of a difference a little reorganization can make. Instead of just haphazardly putting items into your cabinet after going grocery shopping, take some extra time to put things neatly into place. Once you determine where everything should go, it’ll will be easier the next time around since you can simply follow the same method. 

Along with a few specific organizational techniques, there are some products that can also help maximize your cabinet space. With the right system, you can get every inch out of your cabinets and save yourself time and frustration at mealtime.

Clear Containers

Cracker, cereal, cookie, and other types of cardboard boxes are one of the biggest space wasters in kitchen cabinets, especially if they are put back in less than half full. The boxes aren’t very efficient at keeping your dry goods fresh.

When you get home from the grocery store, open the boxes and pour the contents into clear, rectangular plastic containers with air-tight lids before storing the food. If your family eats a lot of cereal, buy containers that can hold more than one box at a time so that you can continually replenish it as the supply gets low. The streamlined boxes will line up neatly next to each other, so that not even an inch of space is wasted.

If you have multiple cookie, cracker, or cereal storage containers, use adhesive labels to write what each item is on the fronts or lids. This will come in especially handy for similar-looking products. 

Spice Storage

If you love to cook or bake, you probably have multiple spice containers floating around your cabinets. If they’re not organized, however, they can almost impossible to find in the recesses of your cabinets when you need them.

Keep them all in one spot by storing them in a clear glass cake pan with a lid. When it comes time to cook or bake, you’ll instantly know where to find all of your spices. 

Place Similar Objects Together 

Another way to stay organized in the kitchen is by grouping similar objects together in your cabinets. For instance, place all of your baking items, such as bowls, cake, bread and brownie pans, and your mixer in one cabinet. Dedicate another for pots, pans and their matching lids. 

For more information on cabinets , talk to a professional like All Marble Granite & Tile Imports Inc.

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Wholesale Metal Yard Art: It’s Not Just for Businesses

When the average person thinks wholesale, they often think commercial. While the sale of wholesale metal yard art may have first been geared toward business customers, everyday homeowners can also benefit from this type of option. Here are just some of the benefits that purchasing wholesale yard art can afford you.

Greater Variety

If you like a wide range of variety, a wholesale supplier is the way to go. When you travel to big-box stores, you only see a small fraction of the options available. The primary reason for this is that most of these businesses have professional buyers that only select products that they believe will be the most profitable in their stores. With a wholesaler, this typically isn’t the case.

Since wholesale suppliers carry products in such large quantities, they generally have a closer relationship with the manufacturer and more flexibility, which allows them to carry more products. If you want to decorate your yard with different types of art ranging from beautifully appointed pottery to rustic metal figures, you can get access to what you want more easily.

Lower Cost

One of the greatest benefits extended when purchasing your yard art from a wholesaler is cost savings. With a big-box store, the price is fixed. It doesn’t matter whether you purchase three of the yard gnomes or fifteen: you will pay the same unit price per item.

Wholesalers reward you by lowering the unit price of the item based on the quantity you plan to purchase. If you want to purchase some items for friends as gifts or simply want to have some replacement items on hand should they get damaged from the elements, when you buy more, you can actually keep more money in your wallet.

Saved Time

Since wholesaler yard-art suppliers have such a large selection of products, you can actually save a considerable amount of time when planning your landscape design. If you’re anything like the average person, you probably don’t consider shopping for a seemingly endless number of hours to be fascinating. However, when you don’t buy wholesale, this is likely the task you will be faced with.

With the increased product availability offered by wholesalers, you have the opportunity to complete all your needs in a single shopping trip. This can also save you money when you think about transportation costs.

Don’t let misconceptions about wholesale buying keep you from the benefits. Talk to a company such as Star Imports Wholesale to see what products they have available.

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Do You Worry Your Deck Railings Are Spaced Too Far Apart? Safety Options To Consider

If you have a deck with spindles and open areas, and the wide gaps between the spindles make you nervous, there are some things you can do to improve the look and safety of the area. You don’t want to risk having a child fall through the railings or a pet, and you may not want to pay to have the railings changed. Instead, you can use some temporary options to make the changes that you need without having to sacrifice how you use and enjoy the space.

Use Stainless Steel Cables

By drilling holes in the railings or spindles and putting stainless steel cables through the spindles to end at the posts, you can get a protective barrier. Stainless steel cables will look modern and they aren’t going to obstruct the view or open feel of the deck. To do this on your own you’ll need:

  • Steel cables
  • Wire cutters
  • Drill
  • Bolts

After you drill the holes, you can use the wire cutters to cut the cables and then use bolts to secure the wires into place. These can also be removed over time if needed.

Install a Plastic Shield

You can get a clear plastic piece that goes over the railings, preventing anything from passing through from the deck and railings to outside of it. These pieces can be purchased at home improvement stores or ordered, and then drilled into place. You will have to wash these to remove smudges and debris that can make the view blurry, but the plastic pieces still allow light through. These shields are often popular because the child can’t get anything off the deck and because it can stop pests from coming up on the deck if there is a gate on the stairway or no stairs to the ground.

If you love the way your deck looks and you aren’t ready to make any major changes or to block off the openness that you love about it, you’ll want to get the materials and use one of these covering options for your outdoor space. The decking company that you used may have suggestions for materials that will work the best with your property, and what will last the longest. Making your deck safe will help make you feel more comfortable when you have your children out and around the space, and you can always remove the safety options at another time.

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How To Dress Up Cheap Blinds

Blinds are a great option for your home when thinking about window coverings for added decor, privacy and to help control light. They can get pricey when you’re trying to cover all of the windows in your home all at the same time. You can invest in expensive blinds and buy them one room at a time, or you can purchase cheaper blinds that may be more in your budget and dress them up a bit to look more expensive. See below for tips on how to dress up your blinds.

Mini Venetian Blinds

Mini venetian blinds are very popular and simple to install. Dress up plain white mini blinds in your living room by adding floor length sheer curtains. Allow them to pool on the floor a bit for a more dramatic look. You can also do this with regular curtains as well if you want to help control light a little better, especially in bedrooms where you may want to keep more light out.

Roller Shades

Roller shades come in a variety of different colors and textures such as plain white or bamboo wood. The roller bar may look a little plain for your window, but doesn’t have to look that way. Add a cornice made from wood to the top of your window, or cover the wood with fabric to brighten up your window a bit and to help add more color. If a window cornice isn’t your thing, you can add some beefy trim to the top of your window to help dress it up. The trim will be the highlight of your window, rather than the plain roller bar.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds open and close easily to help control light in your home. They work well in living rooms, as well as dining rooms and kitchens. These blinds are a great option when covering sliding doors as well. Vertical blinds, however, can look a little bland. Add a small valance to the top of this type of blind for an added decorative touch. You can do a straight valance, scalloped valance or even add a sheer swag to the top of these blinds. Any of the above will look great atop these blinds.

Adding blinds to your home helps to control light, while adding a decorative touch to every room in your home. Don’t be afraid to mix curtains with your blinds and mix/match different textures and colors. Check out stores like House Of Drapery for inspiration.

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Want To Install Carpet To Protect Your Children? 3 Ways To Avoid Excessive Dirtiness

If you have hardwood flooring in most or all of your home at the moment, you may not feel that it is safe for your kids. Being exposed to a hard surface wherever they go in the house is slightly dangerous. It is certainly possible to lay carpet down right over hardwood flooring, so you should consider making this change. When it is properly maintained, you can expect carpet to last around a decade. Bringing kids into the mix might reduce this a little, but it should not be too impactful if you get your carpet cleaning regularly. The main problem you will have is minimizing dirtiness, in which there are a few things you can do.

Reduce Stain Risk

Stains are a major problem for carpeting. Liquid stains are often the most troubling because they can cause damage by creating the stain but also by penetrating the carpet all the way into the floor padding. Reducing stain risk is worth prioritizing, and you will want to tackle this situation in multiple ways. The first thing you should do is make sure the dining table is not located directly over bare carpet after it is installed. One option is to place an area rug underneath, which will soak up spills and keep it safe.

Add Plastic Mats

The front entrance is an area where the carpet is at huge risk for damage. Most shoes carry some kind of dirt and grime when walking almost anywhere, so you should not let shoes touch the carpet. A standard square or rectangle plastic mat at the front door should do the trick for avoiding carpet dirtying. It is best to combine this with the act of removing shoes before walking further into your home. This will keep the dirty shoes in a designated area where their level of dirtiness is not much of a concern.

Wear Clean Socks

It is easy to underestimate how much socks can have an impact on your carpeting. It is important not to wear socks in your patio or garage as these areas can pick up dirt easily. Even when you wear shoes all day while you are out, you do not want to allow your socks to touch the carpeting. It is best to keep a steady supply of socks for your family at the front entrance for them to change into upon entering.

Carpet gets dirty, but you can reduce how quickly it gets dirty with the right methods. For a deeper clean, contact professional carpet cleaners or installation professionals, such as those at Carpet Depot Inc, for more information.

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Four Things To Look For When Choosing Waterproof Tarps For Your Truck

If you use your truck for hauling things, one of the most important considerations is protecting those loads from water damage. If you’re looking for waterproof coverings for your truck bed, tarps are a great choice. After all, they come in various dimensions, which makes it easier to get one that fits properly. Before you invest in your first waterproof tarp for your truck, here are some things to think about.

Consider The Material Carefully

Particularly when you haul many different types of loads, versatility in your cover is important. One of the most versatile choices is a tarp made from canvas. Not only is the canvas durable, it’s flexible enough to cover loads of most any shape. If canvas doesn’t suit your needs or your budget, consider something like plastic or vinyl, because those are waterproof as well.

Look For Reinforced Grommets

Securing tarps on your truck bed means having hooks through the grommets around the edges. To ensure that you get the longest possible lifespan from those tarps, opt for models with grommets that are metal-lined and reinforced. This ensures that your tarps will stay secure and not tear at the seams around the anchor hooks.

Remember That It’s Not Just About Bed Size

You might think that all you need is the dimensions of your truck bed to get a tarp that will fit. The truth is, you may actually want to have several tarps, starting with one that fits the precise dimensions of the truck bed. Then, consider how high the loads you haul often pile up in the bed. Choose larger sizes of tarps that will cover all of the load and still secure in place easily. Most truck beds have anchor points under the top rail of the bed where you can hook the tarp, but it needs to be large enough to reach without pulling at the fabric. Having many tarps in several different sizes can make it easier to have something that fits no matter what the load.

Treat Your Tarps For Added Protection

When you do choose a tarp, you’ll want to make sure that it has been treated not only for waterproofing but also for ultraviolet ray protection. Otherwise, you risk water seepage after prolonged exposure or weakened fabric due to sun damage.

These are four key considerations when you’re looking for the right tarps for your truck. Don’t risk water damage and exposure issues with your loads when you can cover them easily. Talk with a local truck tarp supplier to see what your options are for your truck model. Companies like Lehman Awning Co may be able to help meet your needs in this area.

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